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What is a sales page?

Sales pages. What are they?

Okay, so I know this seems like a total no-brainer.

In fact, I bet you already know what a sales page is, right?

A sales page is an area on your website that, well, sells. It’s devoted to sharing and explaining your offerings while, hopefully, persuading your readers that you, your business and your offering are worth investing in.

It can be your services page, your products page, a sales letter you have on its own site or send directly to potential clients, or a series of emails you activate when somebody signs up for your newsletter, but for our purposes here I’m going to use the term ‘sales page’.

Cool. So we’re done. Click away, there’s nothing else to see here.

… Or is there?

You see, it’s like saying that a waffle is flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, eggs, milk and butter, blended together then consumed because our bodies need energy.

It’s technically, factually, correct.

But it misses the whole point: The delivery. The experience.

You see, you can have the exact same ingredients and end up with two totally different waffles.

Have you ever had a crappy waffle? I know, it sounds near impossible, but believe me, it’s happened. Soggy, undercooked, way-too-salty. Burnt, overcooked way-too-sweet.

How about the much-revered, seldom-experienced Perfect Waffle? The perfect combination of sexy and cute sweet and crunchy, it hits all the right spots. Craving satisfied.

Get what I’m saying?

Not all waffles are created equal.

Just like not all sales pages are created equal.

Sure, a sales page is a space on your website that explains your offerings.

But it’s also so much more than that.

So, what is a sales page?

A sales page is:

  • An opportunity for you to carve your mark and help, in your own way, make the world a better place.
  • Your dreams, vision and creativity unleashed.
  • A space to showcase your expertise, authority and influence.
  • An area devoted to revealing your businesses’ essence, philosophy and intrinsic value.
  • A page to convert browsers into buyers and grow your tribe, reach and profit.
  • A manifestation portal for wealth and abundance.
  • A keyhole to true insight and understanding into what makes you and your business tick.
  • A space to connect with and guide others.
  • Not just about profit, it’s so much bigger, badder and better than that.

I believe that sales pages are an untapped creative resource with the potential to awaken the inner light and fire in others while delivering the abundance and prosperity you deserve.

Hells yeah it’s about making cash. Personally, I won’t send a sales page to a client until I’m sure that it’s a total conversion creator.

Besides, the energetic currency of our world is money. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have as much money as you want.

Your potential, your business’s potential is, unlimited.

No jokes.

And your pathway to unleashing it? Soulful selling.

I’ll be talking more about this concept in future posts, so stay tuned!

For now, why not drop me a comment and let me know what your experience has been with sales pages, both yours and others.

And if you’re ready to create your own manifestation portal, head on over to my sales page copywriting.

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What is a ghostwriter?

I’ve had to learn the hard (and sometimes hilarious) way to describe what I do in as non-technical way as possible. Because when I tell people that part of my job is to act as a copywriter and a ghostwriter, there are a few questions and assumptions that often pop up.

“So … you copy people’s work?”


“Ah, okay. I get it. You’re a lawyer.”

Not unless you consider watching Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde 2 as a path to becoming qualified as a lawyer.

“You write ghost stories?”

No. But that would be undeniably cool.

“You write about ghosts?”

Again, that would be pretty cool, but unfortunately, no.

“So, what do you do? What is a copywriter and a ghostwriter?”

This is usually the point where I smile (not unkindly) and explain patiently that:

They’re both ways of describing professional writers.

A copywriter is a type of writer that writes ‘copy’ (or content/text) on behalf of clients. Copywriters can create text for websites, sales material, eBooks and pretty much anything word-related.

Meanwhile, a ghostwriter is kind of like an anonymous writing gun for hire. You can pay them to write your eBook, blog posts, emails, letters, whatever you need on your behalf and then you publish it under your name. You might have heard of writers ghostwriting popular autobiographies on behalf of famous celebrities.

Why don’t I just call myself a writer?

It would certainly make more sense, right? Well, typically I do. But calling myself a writer often leads to the assumption that I’m an author, which while is definitely a goal of mine, is not what my business is all about.

And now to the important part …

How can a copywriter and a ghostwriter help your business?

Ah, let me count the ways:

  • They can help make you and your business communication look polished and professional.
  • They’ll help your written communications feel unique and full of personality.
  • They can help you articulate your vision, brand and key points of difference in a wholeheartedly loveable way.
  • They can help you sell your products and services charismatically and authentically.
  • They can help you put your best business foot forward.
  • They can write a kick-ass bio and about page on your behalf (‘cos you know that’s something you’ve been putting off!)
  • They can save you muchos time – and frustration – if writing isn’t your strong point.

But basically, they will help you look good. And a good copywriter and ghostwriter can also creatively and strategically position your brand and business so you’re the name on everyone’s lips.

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Why hire a copywriter?

Okay, so you have a fairly good handle on the English language. You can string a few sentences together and on a particularly inspired day, create content that you think is pretty darn good.

So, why would you hire a copywriter when you’ve been writing since you were knee high to a grasshopper?

Good question, wild one. And a big high-five for being the self-sufficient and independent spirit you are.

But even if you’re the wildest word weaver out there, it always helps to have an expert on your side.

Here’s why:

  • On the most basic level, in the online world (and even outside of it) words are your currency. They are what connect you to your audience and create that instinctive, intuitive connection that leads to meaningful and lasting relationships. They are what sell your business, tell your brand story and help individuals from across the globe form an opinion about you and your biz. A good copywriter knows how to wield their words carefully to do all of this and more.
  • Copywriters can get inside the mind of your target audience and create content that entices and appeals to them.
  • Sometimes you need a fresh perspective and someone to help you weave your content into a reader-friendly story. Industry jargon and even company lingo can confuse your audience and a copywriter can help translate your content for the average consumer.
  • Would you cut your own hair? Do your own plumbing? Service your own car? Experts are experts for a reason: they know what they’re doing. So when you need your website and content to stand out from the crowd and shine bright, you need to hire an expert … and they’re called copywriters.
  • Typos are awkward and can completely destroy your businesses’ message. You don’t want to be taken down by an accidental ‘a’ instead of ‘e’ in the word ‘veggies’. Cough – vaggies – cough. Trust me, it’s happened.
  • A good copywriter can implement successful (but not sleazy) sales techniques into your content to turn browsers into buyers.
  • Copywriters can save you time.

There are loads of other reasons why hiring a copywriter might be a good idea for your biz (just like I’m sure there are a bunch of reasons I should probably hire you!), but let me end on this note:

A good copywriter isn’t just someone who plays hardball with Google and knows how to proofread your content. A good copywriter is an artist. They’re creative visionaries that can transform your stock standard content into inspiring and stirring stories.

So if you’re on the hunt for a copywriter, why not check out my products + services page? I specialise in crafting creative content for soulful businesses across the globe and would love to have you on board as one of my spirited clients.

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Why your brand needs a voice

Soulful Selling - Cassandra

Before I answer this question like the professional business person I am deep, deep inside (ha!), let me just give you the rundown on a little unfortunate branding situ that left one red-haired deep sea princess almost happily ever after-less.

It went a little something like this:

Beautiful mermaid enamored with the human race comes across hunky human fighting for his life. Red-haired darling saves Prince, sings him a never-forget-me-I’m-beautiful love song and then splashes back into the sea. Princess makes deal with evil Octopus wench, loses voice, becomes human, la la la, almost inspires Prince to fall head over heels in love with her but – and here’s where it really gets interesting – can’t bloody close the deal and bat down her competition by telling Prince Daft what’s really going on with the octopus/hottie he’s so smitten with.


Because she didn’t have a freaking voice.

No voice, no communication. Well, besides some token eye batting and really, how far did that get her? It wasn’t until things went truly pear-shaped with fake Ariel that Princey really cottoned on to what was going on.

Le sigh.

And let’s not even go into the Cinderella gig. That’s a whole other catastrophic scenario sorely in need of a personal branding fix stat. You really think Cinders would have wasted so much time dropping shoes and hopping into pumpkins if she’d had a kick-ass personal brand? I think not, sweet pea.

But in the non-Disney business world, this lack of a strong, potent + awesome brand voice looks something like this:

  • Your customers don’t really understand what you do
  • They have no idea what you stand for and why
  • Your tribe doesn’t know what to expect from your biz + brand
  • Your biz and business communications are decidedly unforgettable
  • You fail to inspire brand loyalty in your customers
  • You lose sales because you don’t give potential customers a good enough reason to buy your goods + services
  • Your business gets lost amongst the deep sea of other (more powerful) brands

On the other hand, a brilliant brand voice can mean:

  • Your customers go to you first
  • You and your brand have a positive reputation
  • Your tribe is incredibly clear about what you offer + why
  • You’re the first name on people’s lips when they think of your industry/product/service
  • Your customers feel as though they can relate to your business and brand
  • You’re a respected market leader
  • You easily attract new customers and convert sales with ease
  • Your online tribe is engaged, happy + more than prepared to talk you up to their friends
  • The media adores you
  • Bloggers + social media stars want your brand + product associated with them
  • Your business has street cred

And finally, it’s hair-climbingly easy (another Princess reference, sorry) for you to create spirited + wild communications that make you and your business consistently stand out from the crowd.

Potent brand voice? Potent business.

And on that note, I’m going to toddle on over and watch The Little Mermaid for the billionth time. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a red-haired dame in distress.

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10 reasons to hire a copywriter to craft your sales page

You’ve worked hard to create a product, service and suite of offerings that you’re immensely proud of.

You’ve invested time, energy, money, more caffeine that you care to admit and a LOT of heart. Now, you’re ready to release your offering into the world. There’s just one thing holding you back: your sales page.

After all, how do you condense everything that your product and service is and does (as well as your unique fabulousness) into one measly little page? How do you convince your tribe that you’re worth what you’re charging? How to you convert browsers into buyers – while staying true to your message and truth? How do you sell … without feeling sleazy?

Easy: you get a word wizardress (with a talent for spotting your selling points and unique areas of difference) to write it for you.

Here’s ten reasons why investing in a copywriter will save you time, money and a few less grey hairs in the long run:

  1. A pro will take the stress, hassle and pain out of the entire sales writing process. Because let’s be real; the LAST thing you want to do after you’ve poured your wild heart and loving spirit into your offering is to then infuse it with frustration and anxiety at the last minute. You’ll feel crap, your sales page won’t ring true and you’ll frustrate the heck out of yourself. Not. Worth. It.
  2. When you’re selling, you need to sound like you know your sh*t. But for most of us, it’s really freaking hard to toot our own horns. We feel silly, lame and self-conscious. But having someone else come in and legitimately spot your areas of awesomeness and write them up in a way that sounds appealing and enticing isn’t embarrassing at all … it’s kinda fun. After all, who doesn’t love receiving compliments? So think of your sales page as one giant compliment and ode to your brilliant splendour.
  3. You’ll increase your chances of actually getting paid what you’re worth and what you deserve. Hustling is hard, kids. But what’s harder is being underpaid and under appreciated for your talents and skills. So don’t let it happen! With a professionally written page you’ll sound like you’re worth what you’re charging. Because, newsflash, you ARE.
  4. You’ll attract the RIGHT people to your product and services. No more window shoppers, Haggling Hamish’s or Questioning Quentin’s. You’ll appeal to the people who love what you do, pay you what you’re worth and value your magnificence.
  5. You’ll convert browsers into buyers, without having to lift a finger.
  6. You’ll have a sales page that radiates with your unique truth and awesomeness. Because the right copywriter will know how to position you in the best light while remaining true to your unique vibe and beautiful story.
  7. You’ll benefit from a pro that knows how to explain what you do and what you’re offering (and why your tribe should care) in an easy, simple and wildly potent way. Words matter, my friend. And even if you have a kick-ass video, most people will still READ about your products. So make sure your words put your best foot forward.
  8. You’ll take the ickiness out of selling your services and replace it with honest-to-goodness, heart-on-fire passion and love.
  9. You’ll sound polished, professional and ultra enticing.
  10. You don’t know what you don’t know. Which means you won’t be able to spot the flaws in your work – only an unbiased third party, like a copywriter, will.

And while it might seem like a lot of money to invest up front – especially before you’ve launched your money magnet product – the truth is that you really can’t afford for your sales page to be anything less than awe-inspiring. After all, you made those beautiful products, services and offerings for people to BUY. Now, let’s make sure your tribe buys them.

Ready to have a magically charismatic and spiritedly beautiful sales page of your very own? I’d be silly if I didn’t point you to my  strategic and creative sales page copywriting. And darling, I’d LOVE to help you share your heartfelt offering with the world!

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How to market you & your biz (without sounding like a jerk)

I don’t know about you, but I can smell a sales pitch a mile away. It’s like grilling steak in an 11-storey high apartment block: it doesn’t matter what floor it’s being cooking on – you can smell it everywhere.

And just like the smell of a BBQ instinctively makes my mouth water, the idea that someone is deliberately trying to manipulate me into splitting with my hard-earned cash not only gives me the heebie jeebies, but also sends me flying away faster than you can say, “wait – special offer!”

Because let’s face it – the only thing special about that offer was that I was there to hear/read/watch it. 

So yes, for me, sales sleaze is a great big heck no. And from what I’ve heard, I’m not alone in wanting to be classified as a sales-free zone.

But the problem arises when the situ is flipped and you’re in the hot seat.

It looks a little something like this:

You’ve got a rad-as-shit biz with seriously awesome products that you’ve poured your heart, soul and entrepreneurial tears into.

But while love may be all we need, it isn’t going to pay the rent and buy the concert tickets.

So, how do you sell your kick-ass goods without pissing off your customers and sounding like a total sleaze bag?

Actually, it’s pretty darn easy. Here’s how:

Have a love session with your biz

First of all, spend a few hours getting up close and loved-up with your business remembering why you’re so passionate about what you do. When you’re feeling sufficiently blissful, write a list of all of the things that your biz does awesomely and all the things you know it can offer to the world.

For me, I love that Wild Spirit Co. gives a potent and spirited voice to businesses that might not be so crash hot at the whole writing spiel (or don’t know where to start). I love that my biz fills in the blanks and helps businesses put their best digital feet forward, without the fuss and stress of having to brainstorm and write it all themselves. I love that I can be creative, wild and original and transform this energy into copy that allows brands to shine bright with awesomery.

So, what do you love about your biz + brand? Be real. Be honest. And write from the heart.

Okay, got it down? This list is your go-to resource for legit reasons your product/service is the bees knees. Keep it by your side when you’re creating anything salesy and your writing will radiate with authenticity.

Stop talking about yourself

Okay. You have a business and you really need to buy groceries this week. Therefore, you need to tell your target audience about your incredible products now. Right?

Well, while you might feel the need to sell your products and services every moment of every day (time’s a wastin’!), the reality is that you really shouldn’t holler about your amazing never-before-seen products all the time.

Three words: annoying, pointless and self-sabotaging.

Instead, it would be more valuable for you to weave your authentic ‘My biz is awesome because …’ list into your communication naturally and when it’s relevant to do so.

Don’t sell for the sake of selling. Sell with purpose. With intention. And with mindfulness. Try to aim for a 3:1 content to sales ratio at the very least and offer as much value as possible to your tribe. Which brings me to my next point.

Give it up for free

The number one strategy I tell my clients to invest in is to create exclusive content or goodies for their tribe and then offer it to them for free.

Not only will this grow your opt-in list, profile and social media clout (tick, tick, tick), but it will also help you to build an authentic relationship with your tribe, which will mean they think of you first when they need products or services like yours. Selling without selling, baby.

Things you can offer up for free include: mini eBooks, printable goodies + inspirational posters, sexy screensavers for their digital devices, coaching prompts, how-to guides and videos.

Think: WWID

And finally if you’re ever in doubt and are left wondering if your sales techniques are a bit too greased-up, think: “How would I react to this?” and What Would I Do (WWID).

If someone bombarded your social media feed with their “special offer”, how would you react? If a business constantly posted about the benefits of their products, what would you do? And if you saw someone trying the marketing strategy you’re about to give a whirl, what would cross your mind?

You are your best reference point and guide at all times, so listen to your intuition and follow your gut.

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